My name is Tate Shepherd. Right now, I'm professionally homeless. I live in a Van, spending the majority of my nights wherever I am allowed to park overnight, across the country. My main activity, outlet, and sense of purpose in life has been found in Climbing, which I have been doing for the past 10 years. I have done my best to live in a way that enables me to do that as much as possible, while not sacrificing goals professionally. I found a job that works well for traveling the country, and has a schedule that I designate.

I started this website in an effort to learn more about Web Development, as well as to document my travels. Additionally this has sparked an interest in photography in order to bring high quality content to the site. All of these skill sets are new to me and I am very much still learning the ropes, but I am loving all the learning that has come with this new endeavor.

Recently I have become very interested in Blockchain, which has lead me to the many different platforms that are built on that technology. A few the I am especially excited about are; Steem, Ethereum, and Golem. I am still new to all the opportunities within this area, but I find it fascinating and have been researching it obsessively for some time now. Looking forward to seeing the development of Blockchain technology in general.

Check out the Quest Log if you're more curious and want to read additional stories of what I'm up to. I also like taking photos of my friends doing rad stuff. Check the gallery, or some climbing pics


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