The Quest continues / by Tate Shepherd


(Edit : This post is taken from , which was where I started this blog. But upon deciding that I don't like that name very much, I am beginning to move the content from there to here. This post was originally written 04/13/2017, around the time that I decided to document my journey. )


This could actually be the first honest effort given to writing anything in a while for me.  I've had a lot of thought about what direction to take this website. Originally I started it just as a tool to figure out web design. I had some pretty grand ideas about these incredible things I was going to do with it, but In between a lack of actual tech skill, work (I mean work that makes real life money, not just dat internet money),  and climbing aspirations, my motivation for this site has been scarce. But every once in a while I come back to it, throw up some photos, and get angry at my tech ineptness, come close to throwing my fist through the screen, and then have to settle my nerves and put the computer away as it fairly important to me and I cant afford to ruin it. So I guess since I don't have any vision for the website, I'll just write some stuff down that has been going on with me.

Updates to the crew include a new mode of transport and a way of life. I quit renting an apartment in Bend Oregon, and traded in the truck that I have been using for several years for the smallest cargo van on the market. Well there are several competitors but I went with the Nissan NV 200. I like to think I had great reasons for picking Nissan, but the honest truth is that the salesman at the Nissan dealership was probably just more skilled then any of the others I went to, and he got me. But I do love the vehicle, or Vanellope as she has been come be known. So... there it is, one more cliche Millenial living in a Van somewhere, and writing some silly blog post about how cool I'm not. Although I like to think I'm a little different because; I'm probably one of the only people in the world that sleeps in a van, and then wakes up, splashes water in my hair and combs it back so as to look somewhat professional, and awkwardly puts on a suit and tie to go to work. Currently I am spending a larger percentage of my nights then I would like to admit in Wal-mart parking lots. The nature of my work sends me to cities all over the nation, and I'm in a new town almost every night. Currently I'm sitting in the Wal-Mart in El Campo Texas. I guess if I really wanted to I could turn this into a blog about where the best Wal-Marts are to sleep in your vehicle. I give the current one I'm at an 8. I havn't been bothered by noise or rambunctious local youth, yet and there are even some picturesque fire flies glinting about in their fairy like manner. But enough of the descriptive imagery, I won't pretend to be a good writer, I'm just trying to say what's up.

Looking forward to heading to Yosemite Valley for some much needed climbing. I've spent too much time in a suit and tie lately and not enough on the sharp end.