A Smokey Summer in Bend / by Tate Shepherd

It's been a pretty long time since I've written. I guess its been hard to think of something to write because I had such a good story to write about last time and it feels like it is sort of hard to follow that up. Its not like I haven't been doing stuff though. I have been happily enjoying my summer in Bend Oregon, despite all the wildfires which have been making air quality extremely poor. I have been able to make some fun trips out to Smith Rock and Trout Creek Recreation area, near Madras Oregon. Trout is pretty well known in the climbing community for pretty hard crack climbing. It doesn't take many climbs to leave you feeling like you just tried to wrestle with a freight train all day.

Other then climbing, I have been spending a lot of the summer trying to finish up my van so that it is a livable space. This has been an overall frustrating experience, as I have had to come to terms with the fact that I am not a very good craftsman. Respect to carpenters and the like, because the result of my work has turned out to have that middle schooler tree fort sort of look and I've given up on trying to change that. But as for now its pretty much where I want it with the essentials. I've got a ceiling fan (although temporarily out of commission because my Goal Zero Battery kicked the bucket ) , platform bed with storage underneath, and a cooking set up, among other small additions. Kind of in a time crunch because I need to hit the road for work soon. I'm waiting on a roof rack that was delivered to the wrong address and still hasn't shown up after a month of ordering it, and my Goal Zero Battery that needs to be warrantied... but whatever I guess these are just small #vanlife problems.

I've also been neglecting this site, because I have been really excited about a Web Development course I'm taking on Udemy.com. Through this class I've started a webpage that I am building ground up with the HTML, CSS, and Javascript that I've learned so far. It isn't much to look at yet, and is mostly just a summary of what I've learned so far, but check it out here if you're curious tateshep.com.